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COACHING  Sessions

 Leadership Coaching
From the Ordinary Point A to the Extraordinary Point B



Coaching is an action-oriented process whose purpose is to inspire and support coachees I clients to unleash their full personal and professional potential, leading them to achieve more than they could on their own. In addition to the important process of deepening self-knowledge, the Coach will help Coachees in the process of discovering what they can become, believing that they can get there. It will also contribute to the very important task of identifying their "why", that is, the driving force behind the objectives they intend to achieve. Using powerful tools, we challenge our Coachees to obtain a clear vision of what they want for their lives - personal and/or professional, and to create efficient, effective action plans focused on achieving the defined objectives.


As a Coach, my mission, purpose, passion is:


to challenge, inspire and support: ​ Leaders who are not satisfied with their results and with the results of their teams, improving their intra and interpersonal skills and achieving levels of excellence in their professional day-to-day. The partnership established between Coach and Coachee is based on trust, confidentiality, respect and flexibility. We fully subscribe to the content of the 11 key skills of Coaching and the Code of Ethics recommended by the ICF - International Coaching Federation, as well as the Global Code of Ethics subscribed by the Association for Coaching, of which we are part. We are also committed to keeping up-to-date, investing in our continuous development and training, in order to deliver to our customers, at all times, the best possible service.


How it works

Sessions are held online via the zoom platform.

Occasionally they can be carried out in person at a place to be agreed.



The value will be agreed according to the needs of each client and the number of sessions that will be established.

How to advance

Press the following button, fill in the form and I will contact you to provide more information and to agree on the best way to proceed.👇

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