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Emotional intelligence applied to leadership
 "The GPS of the leader"

"The man who goes further is not necessarily the smartest, but the one who knows himself best and manages his emotions better."















Dear Leaders,  



  • Did you finally get that promotion to that position you desired so much, in the company where you have been working for a few years?




  • Were you fortunate enough to see your candidacy for the position you always wanted, in that company you really wanted to work for, to be chosen?



However, after some time, what was your biggest dream, seems to be gradually turning into your biggest nightmare?



  • You didn't managed to grab your team, yet.

  • You didn't managed to get your peers to recognize you as a leader, yet.

  • You didn't managed to get your superiors to see you as a leader, yet.



There is no doubts about your technical skills, your "hard skills" - a determining factor for you being hired -, but everything else doesn't seem to be working.



And you cannot identify the reason(s) for this to happen.


  • Your team is a large one, each member has a totally different way of being and you feel that you do not manage to mobilize them around more satisfactory levels of productivity and, consequently, more gratifying results for everyone.

  • You feel that your team doesn't see you – truly – as a Leader.

  • When you address the team, you do not feel it as a team, nor does do you feel it as “your team”.

  • Team meetings and general board meetings start to be a torture.

  • Sometimes you feel like giving up.

  • You feel discouraged, disillusioned and questioning yourself all the time.

  • And worst of all, you begin to carry those feelings into your family.



You, who desired that position so much !!!



Think with me:


If the technical skills, the “hard skills” are there,  what could be missing for an efficient and effective, mobilizing leadership exercise, that leadership that is perceived without imposition and that produces results?



What is missing, dear Leaders, are - most likely - the Personal Skills, that is, the “soft skills”.



How so Helen? What do you mean by that?



You see, behind a job there is always a person. It is this person, with their technical skills but also with their way of being, their feelings and emotions, their behaviors and attitudes, their intra and interpersonal skills that “make” the job.



It's not the opposite.  Anyone who thinks this is absolutely  wrong .



Technical skills, per se, being  extremely important, are not enough.



Personal Skills must be added. The “soft skills”. At 2 levels:

  • At the level of intra-personal skills

  • And at the level of interpersonal skills



It was thinking about how I could help leaders with difficulties in implementing effective Leadership, that I created the  Program “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE APPLIED TO LEADERSHIP”, based on my Unique Method “The GPS of the Leader ”, which is based on five fundamental pillars, that we work in depth:



Pillar 1.   Learning how to know myself and how to know my reality.

Pillar 2.   Learning how to manage my emotions.

Pilar 3.   Learning how to mobilize my emotions around a greater purpose.

Pilar 4.   Learning how to identify the emotions on others.

Pilar 5.   Learning how to manage my interpersonal relationships.


At the end of the Program, my dear Leaders, you will be able to:


  • Know how to lead by example.

  • Clearly identify your leadership style.

  • Knowing how to position yourself near your teams, inspiring and motivating with naturalness, assertiveness and lightness.

  • Create more creative, more motivated, more productive and happier teams.

  • To have your leadership recognized by your teams, by your peers and by your hierarchical superiors.

  • Consciously recognize and integrate the idea that harmony between the various areas of life leads to more rewarding stages of happiness.


How It Works and What It Includes


  • It will take place online, via the Zoom platform.


  • It will last for 6 weeks.


  • We will have 12 sessions, 2 per week :

- 6 will be training sessions.

- 6 will be mentoring sessions.

  • I will provide you with support material for each class.


  • There will be exercises to practice all the subject.


  • You'll have access to recordings of all classes and mentoring sessions for 4 months after the program ends, so that you can review everything you've learned, at your own time.


  • You will have access to a group on Telegram where important information for the program will be posted.


and you will still have access to 2 fantastic Bonuses!


  • A copy of the Personal Transformation Handbook, an e-book full of helpful tips to help with the process of discovery and change.

  • An individual coaching session, lasting 60 minutes.






  • On request


Payment conditions


  • prompt payment


  • In 2 tranches, before starting and midway through the program


Satisfaction Guarantee


If for some reason at the end of the first week of the program you decide that this is not the program you need to find out how to become a true Leader, you have an exclusive guarantee of a full refund of the amount invested by then.


How to advance


Press the following button, fill in the form and I will get in touch with you to talk a little and clarify all your questions before we start this process.

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