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Retired Woman.  Do you happen to find yourself:


  • Lost in the mist of days and unhappy with the direction your life is taking?


  • Thinking that, now, it's living one day at a time and that there is no longer room for dreams?


  • Saying that your time has passed?


  • Wasting day after day with no dreams and goals for life?


  • Stuck in less happy past events that you can't deal with and move on?


  • Every day more sad and depressed?


Life is a gift.


Please don't waste it like that.


Everything around you will change the moment you change your way of thinking and acting.


It is possible to find a new meaning, a new purpose, something that:


  • Bring enthusiasm, passion and joy to your life again.


  • Give shine to your eyes.


  • Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.


  • Allow you to live aligned with your essence, with the deepest of your being, your values and everything that is important to you.


You just need to look at your life and see it more clearly.


My mission is to help you in this process.


I have created, specifically for you, a 6-week program that will help you on this path of discovery of Purpose and Wholeness and which - in fact - is more than a Program, it is a Concept - the SPAA Concept.


A Concept that aims at your integral well-being and that was designed in three aspects:




The first aspect is the discovery of the SPAA method and its powerful tools:


The method is composed of 4 sequential pillars that, when applied correctly, will work as a true GPS, a guide that will lead you to a state where you will feel fuller and more aligned with your essence, the deepest of your being.


Does it look good to you?


✅ The first Pillar of the S PAA method is Pilar S and he will send you to your Dreams . The ones that are asleep and the ones that you haven't discovered yet, because, for some reason, you stopped dreaming.


However, before focusing on your Dreams, you will be invited to take a powerful journey of self-knowledge, self-observation, self-analysis.


It's important to know who you really are and identify what you're missing, what's holding you back or keeping you away from what you need to live a fuller life, the life you yearn for and deserve to live.


✅ The second Pillar of the S P AA method is Pillar P, and it refers to the Plan that you need to put into practice when you allow yourself to discover that small - or big - passion that will absorb you in such a way that, when you surrender to it, nor will you notice the passage of time, so full and full you will feel.


Discovering that small - or big - passion means finding your new Life Purpose.


After all, what do you want to discover that will brighten your day again?


Wonderful, right?


✅ We move on to the third Pillar of the SP A A method, Pilar A, the one that will lead you to Act, that is the Pillar that will lead you to make it happen.


You will learn the importance of focus, determination. And, above all, consistency and commitment.


You know that to get something you have to get involved, you have to commit.


Getting something for nothing is something that doesn't exist, I'm sorry to inform you.


Even to get the euromillions :) you have to play, right?


✅ Finally, the fourth and final Pillar of the SPA A method takes us to Pillar A of Achieving .


And what does this Reach mean?


It means you have to feel worthy of every achievement.


For this, it is necessary that you learn to identify your limiting beliefs, those that can sabotage your victories and can prevent you from taking them as your own.


Look, if a result - well, by the way - is there in front of you and your mind says "no, that's not for you, you don't deserve that", you think that this good result will really materialize ?


It will hardly happen.


This is exciting work, I assure you. And very satisfying.


So, focus well on the four stages of the journey that I propose you and which, if it makes sense to you, you will embark:


  • Dream, Plan, Act, Achieve.



The second aspect is a dive into a SPAA experience, it is the discovery of Health for Joy and Abundance , in which we venture into a kind of reinforced SPA, which does not aim at "salus per aquam", but health through change. mental patterns that lead to changes in paradigms and ways of acting.


With joy and abundance in view.


With physical, spiritual and emotional lightness in view.


Internalizing the practice of forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude.


Sound good?



The third aspect aims to transform you into a Woman SPAA -_cc781905-5cde-3194 - bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Dreamer , Powerful, Active, Current.


Dreamer , because without dreams you die in life. As simple as that, excuse the bluntness.


Powerful , because you have everything you need to rescue your inner power, you just don't know yet, you haven't discovered, how to do it.


Active , because you can even have fantastic dreams. It turns out that, if you don't act, they won't go beyond the field of illusion.


Current , because your moment is now. Don't cling to the past, that one is gone. And the future you don't know if it ever will be. Allow yourself to live in - and in - now.

At the end of this Program you will have discovered your new Life Purpose, which will allow you to:

✅ fill your days with enthusiasm, passion, joy of living


✅ live a daily life full of meaning


✅ get a glow in your eyes again


✅ boost your self-confidence and self-esteem


Always in line with your essence and without jeopardizing the moments of leisure and socializing with the ones you love the most, which you don't want or should give up, not charging anything to anyone, rather being the person who contributes to the well-being of those who around you and with whom they are equally happy to share their lives


How It Works and What It Includes


  • It will take place online, you don't even need to leave the house.


  • It will last for 6 weeks.


  • We will have 12 sessions via zoom, 2 per week, with:

         - 6 serão sessões de formation.

         - 6 serão sessões de mentoring.


  • I will provide you with support material for each class.


  • You will have exercises to practice the given subject.


  • You'll have access to recordings of all classes and mentoring sessions for 4 months after the program ends, so you can review everything you've learned at your own pace.


plus 2 fantastic Bonuses!


  • A copy of the Personal Transformation Handbook, an e-book full of helpful tips to help you through the process of discovery and change.


  • One individual coaching session  with me and lasting 50 minutes.




  • On request


Satisfaction Guarantee


If for some reason at the end of the second week of the program you conclude that this is not the program you need to discover and put your life purpose into practice, you have an exclusive guarantee of a full refund of the amount invested.


how to advance


Click on the following button, fill in the form and I will get in touch with you to talk a little and clarify all your questions before we start this process.👇






Come, don't waste time, become a SPAA Woman!

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