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Did you know that "20 seconds of intense laughter equals 3 minutes of exercise on a rowing machine"?


Dr William F. Fry, a psychiatrist at Stanford University – California and considered the father of gelotology, is the science that studies laughter and its effects on the human body, analyzed from a medical, psychological and physiological perspective.


Laughing is easy, it's free and gives millions 😂


Millions, millions of what, Helena?


Well, millions of doses of good mood and well-being.


But, Helena, I have neither the desire to laugh nor reasons to laugh.


What am I going to laugh at?


I have good news for you.


You can, quite simply, laugh... for no reason!


Supported by existing scientific research and based on his own research, Indian physicist and general practitioner Dr. Madan Kataria discovered in 1995 that the human mind cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter.


So, realizing that both types of laughter produce “happy chemistry”, he concluded that anyone can laugh and play like a child, thus creating the concept of “laughing for no reason” as a way of changing who we are for the better.


Both physically, mentally and emotionally


With the help of his wife Madhuri Kataria, a yoga teacher, he found a technique he called Laughter Yoga, which combines laughter, breathing exercises (pranayama) and movement.


Thus, Laughter Therapy or Therapeutic Laughter, studies not only laughter but also all forms of inducing laughter.


Among the many benefits of Laughter Yoga, I highlight the most important:


✅    Helps to remove the negative effects of stress, one of the main causes of death in the world. Laughing is the fastest, most effective and most economical way to help reduce stress and burnout. Consequently, it helps to reduce absenteeism.


✅    Boosts the immune system.


✅   Helps control blood pressure and heart disease.


✅ Helps change mood in just a few minutes, releasing chemicals in the body such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin.


✅  By increasing the release of serotonin, it is like an antidote to depression, anxiety and other psychosomatic disorders.


✅  By increasing the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkiller, it helps to relieve pain and increase the feeling of well-being.


✅   Laughing increases the supply of oxygen to the body and, in particular, to the brain, thus contributing to an improvement in performance and productivity. The brain requires 25% more oxygen than the rest of the body. If your mood is good, your performance tends to improve.


✅ It is an authentic massage of the digestive system, contributing to a better functioning of the liver, pancreas and kidneys.


✅    Ensures good sleep and contributes to an improvement in daily performance.


✅   Laughing helps to balance and manage emotional life, fighting fear, anger and boredom.


✅ Contribui para  aumentar as emoções positivas  e  para  diminuir as emoções negativas, permitindo uma melhor gestão relationships and a better balance in personal and professional life.


✅    It reinforces creativity and innovation and increases self-esteem.


✅  Laughing helps improve right brain performance, the foundation of all creativity. From that creativity, new ideas and concepts can be born, giving your business and personal life the leverage it needs to move forward.


✅ Laughing helps to connect people and this helps to build or improve a true team spirit. Communication skills are improved which allows professionals to develop a more helpful and mutually supportive environment among themselves.


Do you need more reasons to practice "laughing for no reason" in your Company or Organization?


And even though there may not be a reason, once laughter is contagious it will infect anyone, becoming "the reason" itself.



How it works

Yoga sessions do  Riso are held at the client's premises



The budget will be provided to the client depending on the number of sessions and participants per session.


how to advance

Press the following button, fill in the form and I will contact you to provide more information and we can arrange how you can enjoy the best natural remedy in your company or institution 👇

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