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Mar calmo

I'm retired. And now?

For over 40 years of active life I always felt fulfilled, useful, valued. I really felt that I was making a contribution to society and that was very gratifying. 
It was only when the retirement came that I realized how important it is to plan this new phase of life in time and ensure a peaceful transition period between active life and retirement. 
After the moment of euphoria resulting from the fact that there is no such that daily obligation, there are many challenges we face.  And these challenges can greatly affect both our physical health and emotional health.
For this reason, and because I discovered in 2002 the fantastic world of Personal Development, I decided to develop a unique method to help Women in Retirement who are not happy, to discover a new Life Purpose that brings them more joy, motivation and personal fulfillment.
Because reform is not an end in itself.  It is, indeed, a new beginning.
Do you accept the challenge to start over?
Thank you for being with me.
Helena Cavacas  Verissimo
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